Chattanooga Girls Cotillion Club - Company Message
In January 1908, the first dance was held by an organization of many, many members whose apparent goal was to simply enjoy great parties.  This organization, formed 100 years ago, was called the Girls Cotillion Club.  The club hosted events for new members and had casual parties at area clubs.  The Girls Cotillion Club also hosted debutante balls.  The ladies wore formal white gowns and the gentlemen wore white dinner jackets.  The formal presentation dances were usually held in the summer at the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club or the Fairyland Club.  As the years progressed through the mid-seventies, the tradition of presenting debutantes faded because many of the young women lost interest, but still wanted to get together.  Those on the board of directors at the time suggested the parties continue and the Girls Cotillion Club,
as we know it today, evolved.  

2017 Board at the Meet and Greet at the Hayden Place Clubhouse

Jodi Lawrence, Mary Claire Elliott, Kate McKenzie, Christina Dowlen, Crosby Riles, Mary Bridges, Emily Eischeid, Allyson Witt, Schuyler Colquitt

The beat goes on and on ~
Every year, a board is formed with ladies from around the Chattanooga area. Members are formally invited to join year by year and nominated, new members are invited to join, as well.  There is a limited amount of members selected each year.
The board will host 3 parties, that are thrown at
different venues around the city.
Each party is open to all members and a guest of their choice. 
In 2008, we added “Girls Night Out” events
to have even more opportunities to get to know
some of the other girls of Girls Cotillion.  
2008 was the 100th Anniversary of the GCC!
 It seems that dancing into the wee hours of the morning never really goes out of style….
Long live the “Girls” of the Girls Cotillion!!
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